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Mr. Vishwas P. Bodas

Mr. Vishwas P Bodas

Born & raised in the family full of leaders, the senior partner of Deccan Dyes & Chemicals Industries joins his father’s business at an early age in late 1960's. After working his way through college he joined and immediately started looking into all sections of Deccan Dyes & Chemicals Industries. For the next 40 years until now, Vishwas Bodas build and expanded the Deccan Dyes brand on a foundation of guiding principles that remain embedded in the company's culture today.

Mr. Rajeev P. Bodas

Mr. Rajeev P Bodas

Joined after M.com as Partner of Deccan Dyes & Chemical Industries In 1971.He looks after Banking, Finance, Marketing, Procurement and Administration .He is gifted to handle this subject with professional skill. This led him to start another Successful venture in construction and Infrastrure Industry. He bagged Real Estate Excellence Award.He is well-known as Sportsman and Member of International Table Tennis Federation of India.He is awarded with Shiv Chhatrapati State Sports Award.

Mr. Ashish Rajeev Bodas

Mr. Ashish Rajeev Bodas

Born in the business family and grown with learning's of global business, Ashish Bodas is a new next gen entrepreneur. After completing Engineering & MBA (Finance), he has joined this company 3years ago. Hoping to follow high standards, quality culture and hard working individuals, Ashish Bodas promises to be the next leader in line to lead Deccan Dyes & Chemicals Industries to greater global heights.

Mr. Navin G. Khaladkar

Mr. Navin G. Khaladkar

He is the General Manager of Deccan Dyes & Chemicals Industries having a vast experience of over 40 years in the field of dyes & chemicals, Mr. Khaladkar continues to be the head in handling all the processes and systems in Deccan Dyes & Chemicals Industries. Apart from being a hard working and technically sound individual he is also a through gentleman. Mr. Khaladkar has worked in the past with many global and renowned companies before joining this great organization.

Mr. Suhas G. Dharne

Mr. Suhas G. Dharne

He is the Production & Administration Manager of Deccan Dyes & Chemicals Industries. He is highly focused and disciplined individual, a kind hearted person and highly dedicated to his work. Mr. Dharne is associated and is a part of this organization for over 40 years. Apart from being methodical in his approach he also shares, a terrific rapport with his subordinates. He is a team man and takes good care of his responsibilities.

Mr. Satish T. Tagare

Mr. Satish T. Tagare

Being Chief Marketing Manager in Deccan Dyes & Chemicals Industries, Mr. Satish Tagare is responsible for Deccan Dye's global marketing and communication activities, including image and market development, corporate and financial communications, industry analysis and media relations, brand management, advertising and research. Mr. Tagare is a core member of Deccan Dyes & Chemicals Industries Management Committee. He is highly dedicated and professional individual. He has excelled in the field of marketing and research in chemical sector.


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The Deccan Dyes & Chemical Industry is a reflection of the entrepreneurial vision of founder Late Mr. P. M. Bodas, a dynamic person with indomitable courage and will - power, set out to establish his traction into myriad activities with whose success today can be attributed to his determination to success.      Read more.

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